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Stylish and appealing is just one of many characteristics that make this beautiful business entrepreneur a selected diamond. Plove, as she is known on her Instagram page, is followed by the thousands and is admired by many of those that like fashion and trends. Palenia Pichardo “Plove” is from the Dominican Republic with family values and goals exploding in her mind. She is the result of a new generation of “fashionsta” bloggers. The culture pictures story telling via social media. Powered by brash of color material, jewelry, sun glasses and dresses. With a big smile in her face, she says she loves dressing in dresses. ” They define beauty and elegance”, she blushed to say.

Dedicated to her passion for fashion she started to post pictures of combinations she found admirable. You can look fantastic in any weather she proclaimed. “My phone is always near me and together we make work of art. The world is filled with style and I love to capture motion or still frame of beauty that surronds me. 

#BerkeleyAlumni Spotlight: ’18

Fashion Merchandising and Managment alumna, Palenia Pichardo “Plove” as she is known on her instagram page is followed by thoussands and admired by of those that like fahsion and trends. Palenia contributes to a variety of fashion shows and around the world events. You can find her on runway exhibitions in the USA and Dominican Republic, or ready to private label affairs. Currently, she is collaborating with Nuestra Reina Latina USA beauty pageant as well as West New York Fashion Week as Executive Producer. She can also be found on “Suerta la Sopa” and Acceso Total” celebrity and entertainment shows on Telemundo!