This is the time of the year that we take a serious look at the spring wardrobe and we start looking for those bright, soft and colorful patterns to elevate your style. Now, how can you look spectacular to welcome springtime?  Focusing on the details that you may like from the season, it can always help when you need to choose the trend or style that you would like to wear. When you pick the right essential pieces, and accessories, your outfit of the day can make you stand out from all your surroundings.

Using a gold satin high waist skirt blend with a Sequin Embellished sparkle top, it was the right essential pieces for her to look like a princess and to make her shine like the sun. The waves of her golden hair with the yellowish tone of her skin were the perfect combination to feel delighted by her.

The details of the golden flowers in her hair can fill your heart of love and romance. One golden rose was her best ally in a deserted forest however; she’s still hoping spring will bring back life allowing everything to be as bright as her.

Model: Kenia Baez

Photo by: Lewi Nox.

Makeup and hair by:  SthacysFaces.

Fashion Designer: Palenia Pichardo